About us

We are two girls, both studying Communication and Information sciences at Tilburg University. We are both blonde, 20 years old and a little bit crazy.  

Joli: ''I am addicted to currants and Ben&Jerry’s, have once been bitten by an ape and have never been to Australia. Furthermore, I've got a secret crush on Matt Lanter (Leam from 90210) and my biggest dream is to take an American road trip once. I will never ever get enough from the movie Titanic and when I grow old, I will marry Leonardo DiCaprio (but only the young version).''

Femke: ''I am incredibly afraid of the dark and addicted to make-over shows, such as Plain Jane. I've got a secret crush on my boyfriend (sssh, don't tell him!) and still sleep with stuffed animals in my bed. Good to know: my greatest icon is Oprah Winfrey joint first with my grandma. Furthermore, my favourite place to sing is in the shower and on the toilet. Really.''

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