Friday, February 24, 2012

The Awkward Life

Embarrassing moments? We've had plenty! How about standing skirtless on stage and finding out when you feel ''a little breeze'' on places where it shouldn't breeze. Yes, that was awkward. You wanna hear more?

Walking the dog...or is he walking me?
On my first date, with my current boyfriend, we went to his house to watch a movie. Little did I know, that his dog was going to be over excited. Before I knew it he jumped at me, got stuck into my scarf and almost dragged me to the ground. A very charming first impression.

Pedal Problems
Once I visited my aunt in a small village with a lot of water. We wanted to go shopping, but I didn't have a bike over there, so I borrowed one from my nephew. It was a cool mountain bike. My aunt warned me like three times: 'Are you really sure you can ride that bike?' I felt cool with that boys-bike and I was convinced that nothing could go wrong. Unfortunately I wasn't right, about 2 minutes from my aunt’s house, I fell with the bike in the first ditch we saw. There was even a snail in my hair when I came out...oooops!

One smaller head, please!
I once went with my dad to Istanbul. We went shopping and I saw this great sweater. The salesman told me: ‘Yeah, it will look beautiful, put it on!’ So I TRIED! I began with a small, the size I normally wear, that didn’t fit around my head. So I went for a medium, but again, it didn’t fit. Both my dad and the salesman pulled and screamed, trying to get the sweater over my head. Unfortunately, my head didn’t agree.  I ended up buying a jersey with a zipper…

Confession time! What's your most awkward moment?


  1. Ik at een keer een magnum in frankrijk, waar het dus lekker warm was, en de chocolade smolt een beetje. Mijn vriend stelde me aan iemand voor, waarop ik diegene een hand gaf, maar ik dacht er niet bij na dat mijn hand een beetje onder de gesmolten chocolade zat.. -.-

    leuk artikel! :)


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