Saturday, March 3, 2012

A cup of Cupcake-tea

Are you addicted to your daily cup of tea? Or are you more a sweet tooth and do you absolutely love cupcakes? We came across this fabulous tea in the store and directly saw the solution! :) We found Cupcake-tea! 

There are four different kind of flavors, 
- Chocolicious (chocolate & mint), 
- Lovely Cherry (cherry & vanilla), 
- Strawberry Kiss (strawberry & cream) and 
- Sweet Honey (banana & honey). 
We are both big fans of the Lovely Cherry one.

For our Dutch readers: Don't search any longer, you can buy this tea in almost every Xenos! 

Little tip: Did you know that the temperature of the water of the tea is very important for the flavor of your tea? So be a little patient and wait until your water is really boiling when you stick your tea bag in it! 

What is your favorite kind of tea?


  1. Hello - thank you for uploading this as I thought I was the only person to find this whilst on a trip to Amsterdam. I purchased the Strawberry and Cream ones and they are delicious, the only problems is I'm now running low and cannot find a site anywhere that delivers them to the UK. Could you possibly help or give any suggestions? Thank You - Jade xoxo


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