Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cupcakes too cute to eat!

Cupcakes are one of our favorite kind of food :) So, when we came across this site, we were absolutely dazzled away! We picked out the most beautiful, cute, original and tasteful ones to show to you guys. 

These Ballerina-cupcakes are so beautiful, it's almost a waist to eat them.

These are the only kind of flamingoes, we ever wanted to eat.

Angry birds is still one of the most popular game, but it is a waist to trow with these!

This peacock makes us want MORE!

And let's finish our meal with these delicious blackberry Cupcakes

Unfortunately, you have to be very creative and talented to make these beautiful cupcakes. We, Femke and Joli, are only made to EAT them! :) Do you want to see more extremely cute food? You can find more on

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