Saturday, March 24, 2012

Things to love! #2

Last week we shared some cool stuff with you guys, that we found online! But luckily for us, there are more than thousand other really great things online. So here is our second post about Things to love! This weeks theme: It's all about food! <3

We all love hot chocolate, but we also adore cookies!
With this
dotted mug we can combine those two!

Where did you leave the pepper and the salt? Well, with a little magic and of
 course these wonderful pepper and salt shakers, you will never lose them again!

With these cookie cutters you can even make it a puzzle to eat the right cookie! 

When you are making cookies anyway, why not make them absolutely beautiful?
We want this cookie press!! 

Well, you can't really eat it! But we agree that this pizza sleeping bag is
 absolute awesome and has to be showed to you all!

And again: If you want to buy or take a closer look at these stuff! Just send an email! ;)
Next weeks theme will be: mustaches! :) Already curious?


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