Friday, April 27, 2012

DIY: Strawberry Nails

The last time, we tried to make some gorgeous Melon nails, this time we will explain how to create your own Strawberry nails. It will take some time to do all your ten nails, but maybe with your best friend and a cup of tea, the Sunday afternoon is over before you notice! :)

For these nails, we used; Catrice Bloody Mary To Go, a nail polish from Essence in a green/blue color, Catrice Acid/DC and a base-coat from the Hema. If you want, you can of course choose some other strawberry-related colors!  

Step 1: Begin with the base coat. Then make your nail all red. This is something we believe every girl can do ;)
Step 2: Make the bottom of the nail green/blue. You can use a pencil or a wooden skewer to make those peaks!
Step 3: Now you can add (again with the pencil or the wooden skewer) some dots on your nails. You can choose yourself if you want them big our small!

We are eager to see some results! :) 
So, if you tried this yourself, just mail or tweet us the pictures and maybe 
we will show you gorgeous nails on our blog! :)

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