Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 things you should absolutely do...today!

We are all familiar with bucket lists, which mostly give you at least five things to do before you die. But why live in the future when there's already so much fun to do today? Here are some tips that make your life awesome already!

  • Paint each nail a different color; it's the optimal use of your nail polish stash. Don't forget the glitter!
  • Watch a movie that was your favourite when you were a kid. Wanna bet that Bambi still gives you an instant smile?
  • Cook for your family an entire new recipe. What's best about cooking yourself? You get to pick! And if you don't leave everything to burn, your family will be very happy too!
  • Find the karaoke version of your favourite number and sing! We wish you good luck with those high notes.
  • Go shopping with your best friends and divide yourselfs in at least two groups. You'll each spend 5 dollars/euros/pounds to find the perfect gift for each other. The group with the best gift...wins!
Enjoy your day!

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