Saturday, January 28, 2012

What is a better way to do on a Sunday, then to learn about this beautiful day?

Sunday is named after - you wouldn’t say - sun’s day. The day of the sun. This day was to bless the god Sunna. Nowadays, Sundays are becoming less and less special. It is not the worldwide weekly resting day anymore. But that does not mean that Sundays aren’t the most wonderful day of the week anymore. Let’s take a look at why Sundays are that special.

  • On a Sunday you never have to go to school. You may have to do some homework, but you can also use the fact that it is a resting day as an excuse. 
  • The first Easter Day is always on a Sunday! This means that there is no excuse to NOT eat those delicious chocolate eggs. 
  • I never believed that it is a coincidence, that MacDonald’s sells lovely ice creams named after Sundays.
  •  Saturday nights are always busy, so you just got yourself the best excuse to stay in bed until 2 p.m.
  •  Johnny Depp was born at a Sunday. I mean, this might be the one of the best things ever happened. 
  • The first crossword puzzle ever was made on a Sunday. Nowadays there are crossword puzzles in every newspaper, every day. 
And of course, one of the best thing about a Sunday is that you can spend whole your day with stupid & fun things you find here on our blog.

 What are you going to do tomorrow? 

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