Friday, February 3, 2012

Let’s act a little crazy. Let’s go out for a McBreakfast!

Heavy Saturday night? That’s the best excuse to start your Sunday with the fattest breakfast ever! Get up early and go eat a McBreakfast! A friend and me decided to do this crazy idea a couple of weeks ago and went to check out the McBreakfast.  

It is half past 9 and I am already in front of the McDonald waiting for my friend. It feels like everybody is looking at me and thinks: ‘We know what you are going to do; you are going to eat breakfast at the McDonald!’ When my friend arrives, we hurry inside. The smell inside is both making me feel sick, both smelling great.
We order the McBreakfast and sit down at the nearest table where a cranky employee brings us our breakfast. I look down and see two little, mysterious packets on the table. The first one appears to be a McMuffin with egg. I am curious and open the paper. Inside, there is a muffin in the shape of a little pie with a perfectly shaped egg on top. I never knew eggs could be this shape! The muffin and the egg stick together by an enormous layer of cheddar cheese. I always had a weakness for cheddar cheese, so I immediately start eating. How weird and chemical the egg looks, it taste good. So does the croissant, that came in a typical McDonalds box.
At that moment, my friend points to something behind me and says: ‘Woow, we are luckily we weren’t 10 minutes later!’ I look behind me and I can’t believe it. All the cash registers are open and in front of all of them there are dozens of people waiting. ‘Are they all here for a McBreakfast?’ No, some of them don’t just order a McBreakfast, they walk away with McFlurries, Quarter Pounders and Milkshakes. Wow, I would never be able to eat that, this early. But who I am to judge, I’m also sitting here at 9 p.m.

Finally, we finish our orange juice. Yeah! We feel like we are a little healthy now. This feeling is immediately gone when we take a second look at the boxes of our McMuffin and Croissant and see the calories that we just ate. ‘Oops’. Nevertheless, it tasted great. It was a little bit an odd experience, but we weren’t suspecting anything else. 

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