Monday, February 6, 2012

What does it mean to be cute?

Bored? Why not think about the meanings and mysteries of life? Somebody just told me about one of those mysteries. Why do woman agree that some things are cute and others aren’t? When we walk by a big, swimming duck, we just keep on walking. But when that duck is swimming with a bunch of ducklings we suddenly run towards them and scare them with our too high pitched voice. Why do we do this?
What do you agree is cuter? A little Kia car? Or a big, crude Opel? If you are a woman, you would probably say the Kia. This is because there are a couple of aspects that make things cute. A big head compared to the body is one of them. According as bigger eyes compared to the head. Furthermore, when a nose is smaller than normal, we, women, think this is cute. This can explain the example of the cars and the ducklings. The beak of a duckling is not fully grown yet, and therefore we just have to stop and try to caress them. This phenomenon is applicable to almost all baby animals, like dogs, kittens, monkeys and bunny’s.
Did you ever noticed that our most favorite Mickey Mouse has changed over the years?  Mickey used to be a character looking just like a mouse with a big pointy nose. Through the years, Mickey has changed and transformed more into a cute baby-looking mouse. His nose got smaller and his eyes got bigger. All just to satisfy our desire for cuteness.
Old Mickey (left) and new Mickey (right)

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