Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Relive the trip: Titanic 3D

You either absolutely love Titanic, or you never want to waist three hours of your life again on this movie. For the Titanic LOVERS, there is some great news! It took a couple of years, but it is finally going to happen! Titanic is coming back on the big screen! :) 

To see this movie, you just have to wait two more months. The movie’s premiere is on April 4th, one hundred years after the real ship sunk. So bribe your boyfriend, crush or best friend to go with you and enjoy Leonardo DiCaprio as real as possible. 

If you're going to see this movie, take a extra good look at some of the mistakes in this movie:

-          Jack wins his tickets because he has a full house. When you see Jack’s card, you can see that he would   never ever be able to make a full house.
-         Jack claims that he has visited ‘Santa Monica Pier’. Unfortunately for Jack, this did not exist until 1916, four years after the Titanic sunk.
-         When you are paying very close attention to Rose’s fingernails, you can see that the length of them change throughout the movie.

Are you going to see this movie in April?

Tip: Are you not satisfied with ‘as real as possible’ and do you want more Leonardo? On the official Titanic Facebook, you can win tickets to the real premiere in America. No an easy thing to do, with more than 16 million opponents, but you can always give it a try! ;)

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