Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shop till we drop: LONDON

Millions of dollars, pounds, euro’s, yens and rubles are spent by woman every day. Shopping is one of the most satisfying, time consuming, best thing to do on your lazy afternoon. But what are the best places to go shopping? This week we will tell you more about one of the best shopping places of Europe: LONDON!

Let’s start with one of the most famous shops of London; Harrods. Almost everything there is unaffordable, but you have to take a look inside anyway. You will be blown away by all the guards, the thousand lights, the millions of shopaholics, the fantastic smell of the food, the really high prices and the most unusable, great things you can buy there. You can find Harrods at 87–135 Brompton Road in London.

While you're in London anyways, why not take a look at the M&M store. You can find like a thousand different colors and flavors of M&M’s. But they don’t only sell chocolate, you can buy t-shirts, piggy banks, pencils, statues and a lot more M&M stuff. But it is also fun to just walk around here, or make a picture in the big red bus in the middle of the store. You can find this chocolate heaven near Oxford Street at 3 Harbord House Cope street.

Not far from Madame Tussaud, near the centre of London, you can find a little store called: The Beatles Store. If you are a Beatle fan, you can’t miss this one. You name it, they have it. All their products are covered in Beatle signs, names, logo’s, heads and lyrics. Curious? Just take a look and go to 231/233 Baker Street.

The biggest, most popular street to shop in London is Oxford Street. Oxford street has more than 300 shops and is 1,5 miles (2,4 kilometers) long.  If you are going to London, you can’t miss it! Don’t forget to take a look at one of the biggest Primark’s, the Topshop, the Forever 21, the Selfridges and all the other 294 great shops. Tired of shopping? Then you can just get a drink at one of the 260 Starbucks in London.

TIP: Are you getting excited about London, but don’t you have enough time or money? There’s a solution! There are multiple travel agencies that provide just shopping trips to London for only one day. You will take the bus around two o’clock in the morning and arrive in London about nine o’clock. You can spend your whole day in London and leave with the same bus around eight in the afternoon! This will cost you about €40 à 50 euro's, so you have the rest of your budget to spend in one of the most beautiful city’s of Europe!

Next time we will tell you were to go when you are in: ANTWERP!


  1. oeh, ik wil heel graag nog een keertje naar londen! hihi :3
    loves, saar.

  2. Ik wil ook graag naar londen. Lijkt me echt super.
    leuke post

  3. Naar londen wil ik super graag ;3.



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