Friday, March 16, 2012

Things to love!

What are we doing when we are bored? Well, we just spent -like most girls- hours on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other websites. It's a wonder how much time you can kill by just surfing around! This week we came across some things that we really wanted to share with you all! 

Rainbow Roller Skates: The good old days when we went skating with whole the neighborhood. We still have some scars, but it was worth it! There colorful skates just bring us back in time! We are in love <3.

Meet: The Pok├ębra! This would blow everybody's mind.
But watch out for comments like: 'Gonna catch them all' and 'I chose you!' 

Super Hero Sneakers: Still dreaming of flying?
With these wings you look like you could! Just find the superhero in you!

Pretty Pie Maker: Girls LOVE cakes, that's just true.
But with this you can make the most beautiful cakes yourself!
We hope they'll taste as good as they look!

If you are curious and want to buy these fabulous things, just send us an email ;)

What is you favorite product from the above?

1 comment:

  1. Die allstars vleugels zijn echt gaaf!
    En die Pretty Pie Maker! :D


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