Saturday, April 14, 2012

The new super snack!

We just read an article that will make every balance-day a lot easier! Forget eating fruit & vegetable, just grab a hand of popcorn every day! :) Researchers from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania just discovered that popcorn contains much more antioxidants than fruit and vegetables. So, just a really healthy snack!

Antioxidants can help you body to protect against cancer and heart diseases. Popcorn contains more than twice as much of those than fruitsnacks or just normal corn. The study about this wonderfood also tells us that one serving of popcorn provides us more than 70% of our daily whole grain intake! The most persons get about half of their daily intake every day, so popcorn can help them!

Popcorn may contain more antioxidants than fruit and vegetables, but of course, it is still important to eat those! ;) Because they contain a lot of other vitamins, which you can't live without! You also have to watch out with the sugar and salt on your popcorn! This make you popcorn more unhealthy!

But when you are at the movies, just at home or hanging out with a friend; 
no hard feelings, just pop that corn! :) 

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