Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things to love #3

So, a new week so a new list of things to absolutely LOVE! :) The theme this week, is as promised; mustaches. We found some amazing stuff to buy, get, give or just look at!          
Mustache cookie cutters, for the most amazing cookies EVER!
With those great pacifiers you can give your baby one hell of a mustache!

Do you also have a boring white fridge? Just cheer it up with this giant magnetic mustache!
But you can also give your heater, laptop or bed a perfectly grown mustache!

Do you want the coolest dog ever?
With this dog toy you can create one good looking animal!

These put-on mustaches have no use!
Their only use is to scare, laugh or cheer! :) 

Are you also always searching for your keys?
That is not the case anymore with this awesome mustache key hook!  

Well, we certainly had a good time seeing all those awesome, ridiculous products! And again, if you wanna know more about these things like the price, the store or anything else! Just mail us at! ;) 

Next week, we will share with you some of the most beautiful rings! 


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