Monday, April 2, 2012

A night out: The Ultimate Aussie Angel Final

A few months ago the brand Aussie started her search for the Ultimate Aussie Angel. Over six hundred girls applied for this title and there were 18 final places. But only one could claim this title...

Look at us being cute ;-)
We were received with fresh maid Mojito's and the most delicious and luxurious looking snacks...we loved it! We got us a place near the catwalk made of sand, so we got a good look at the (Dutch ;-) celebrity judges (Liza Sips, Nadia Palesa Poeschman and Serena Verbon) and presenter (Nikkie Plessen). But most importantly: we could have a good look at all the candidates, who have to fulfill different kind of tasks to go to the next round.

The first task was to make a good first impression by walking like a laidback, but stylish Aussie on the catwalk and answer a personal question. After this round only 10 girls were left. The second round was to test the Australian knowledge by giving them different theorems which they could answer with true or false. The three girls with the most right answers went to the finally, where they had to surf with a surfing similator and make the best shot.

Believe it or not: there is a dromedary plague in Australia!
The three finale candidates and the winning shot: Rosalie!
As you can see: the rightful winner of this competition was Rosalie. You go girl! This being said...

We had a great night!

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