Monday, February 13, 2012

I chocolove you!

Valentine is coming up! Got a boyfriend, but still no gift or just got no boyfriend at all? Chocolate can fix all those problems! We came across these really great chocolate-gifts. Take a look at these products made of the most wonderful thing in the world; CHOCOLAT! 
Do you feel like eating pizza, but don't have enough patience to wait for it to be ready? Try this chocolate-pizza! Easy, delicious and when you finish it, you are definitely full! Also great to share with you boyfriend!

If you want to drink a romantic cup of hot chocolate, but you actually want to do other stuff, this self stirring mug is your solution! It stirs your chocolate milk, tea of coffee itself!  The best excuse to be lazy! If you are not lazy, this mug can be a great time killer! You can watch hours to your spinning chocolate, enjoy!
Getting hungry from playing game for several hours? Just eat your game after you're done! This way you got yourself something fun to do and a meal on Valentine's day!  This chocolate Molopoly game even tastes great! Little tip: if you are losing, you can just eat the houses from the other player! Winning is that easy! ;)

If you don't got a handy boyfriend! Just buy your tools yourself! You bet you know what to do with these chocolate-tools! They are delicious and you can't hurt yourself! ;)

What is your favorite chocolate-product?


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