Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pick your Valentine!

Has that stupid guy forgotten to send you a rose? Forget about him! It's the year 2012, so if you're a real 21st century girl, you pick your own Valentine. These guys are very willing to date you...
Ryan Gosling: Can lift you, just like Dirty Dancing and got a sixpack if it's photoshopped.
Channing Tatum: Writes you letters as much as he can...even if it isn't Valentine!
Liam Hemsworth: Likes long beach walks and decorating you with seashells.
Bradley Cooper: Loves you unconditionally...if he's sober.
Ryan Reynolds: Likes bumping into you naked and standing nude on the balcony.
Chris Evans: His biggest ambition is to be your personal superhero.

So ladies...who's your Valentine?


  1. Can't really choose one... I guess my ideal man would be Rycham Coreyans :o)

  2. Haha,leuk dames! En Ryan Gosling of course!;)

  3. Ryan!
    willen jullie een kijkje nemen op mijn blog?
    my lovely blog ik heb moeite met mensen trekken : )..
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  4. Ik ga voor Channing Tatum! Stoer, maar toch zo'n blik waar je echt voor smelt haha..

    P.S. Ik heb een give-away op mijn blog, misschien vind je het leuk om mee te doen :).

  5. Allemaal pleasee! :D Maar als ik moet kiezen.. Ryan Reynolds :)


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